I’m not sure if I’ll ever figure this out, but weekends can be really exhausting sometimes.  Long story short, Michelle got sick with a 100+ temps this past week.  I ended up taking a half day off of work one day to take care of her and watch Abby.  After playing Mr. Mom for about 4 days, I am incredibly exhausted.  Michelle’s fever finally broke yesterday and she was able to enjoy solid food again.  Hopefully this week will be much better and we will all be able to get some quality rest.

Cool new phones

So my wife and I went to target yesterday for a really cool special for $50 off of their iPhone 4S and we were able to trade in our iPhone 4’s for $175 apiece. We ended up getting free upgrades and about $30 left over to spend on other accessories like a new case and a movie for a whole six bucks out of pocket. We’ve been playing with Siri quite a bit too and it’s really really cool although it does make a lot of mistakes, but after all it’s not perfect.

Today was Mother’s Day and we pretty much relaxed as it was Michelle’s first Mother’s Day. She was really excited. We went to church and then we got together with some friends and played some games. I got Michelle some flowers and Abby got Her really cool Winnie the Pooh Mother’s Day card. I think she enjoyed it.

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was incredibly busy.  We started out taking our daughter to Epcot at Disney World.  She had a blast and we got there early enough to be able to relax before the crowds and the heat showed up.  We spent about 3 hours there total.  My wife’s parents met us there totally be coincidence.  They happened to see us drive into the parking lot as they were walking to the tram!!  We ended up riding the Nemo ride, the Land ride and Figment.  Figment was Abby’s favorite.  I thought the Land ride was pretty cool when we floated past the hydroponic garden.  We ate lunch just before riding the Land ride, and found at the restaurant by that ride uses ingredients grown in their hydroponic garden!  Very cool that can actually eat a good healthy natural meal at a theme park!

On the way home from Disney, we picked up a couple cantaloupe’s and a watermelon from my wife’s grandparents.  That night we had some friends over and we played a game and chowed down on some strawberries, cantaloupe and some fresh homemade brownies (very yummy!).

Yesterday, we went to church in Wesley Chapel again and then came home and did some grocery shopping.  After the grocery shopping, we cut up some strawberries, mango, the entire watermelon (which was ginormous!), made a triple-batch of pancakes to freeze for breakfasts this week and finally made dinner.  After dinner and Abby’s bath, Michelle and I curled up together and fell asleep after the busy but relaxing weekend.

Healthy Eating!

So we have decided to try to eat healthier and stick to natural, organic foods as much as possible.  One product we have just started using is Stonyfield yogurt.  In doing some research we discovered that yogurt can be used as a substiitute in most recipes for things like mayonaise, sour cream, and butter.  Substituting yogurt can cut the calories and fat by over half!!  The Stonyfield website has some great recipes and they also have coupons for their products on their website.  Excited to try out some of these recipes!