Started playing with “You Need A Budget”. It’s a finance tracking app the centers around a zero-based budget. This is a definite must for anyone that needs help getting their finances in check. The benefit over other titles like quicken is that it is forward looking so you can see what money is available to spend, rather than only looking at what has already been spent, something quicken does well.

My wife and have been looking for a decent app to use in place of tracking our budget on paper. YNAB is a definite winner. Everything is on our phones and syncs via Dropbox. There is also a desktop app for doing the more intense budgeting sessions and will probably prove to be a permanent replacement for quicken.

I’m definitely looking forward to making this move. Michelle and I have already experienced the power of zero-based budgeting. Now we get to simplify it with a nice app and better transparency in our finances.