We went to Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios tonight. Abby was super excited about it. It was so cool to see her reaction to all the special effects. I liked the pyrotechnics and Michelle enjoyed the three of us getting in some good family time.  Abby was so tired when we were done and she missed Lucky while we were gone. 

Birthday Party and Dog Groomer

Lucky got his first haircut today!  His hair much shorter and he can actually see now! He also smells really good. No more dog smell for the next day or two!  Then we give him another bath. 

In other news, Abby got to go to a birthday party today at Jumpin Jax. They had a ton of inflatables there. Abby had lots of fun and got herself nice and tired!  Oh, and happy birthday Riley!!

Mothers Day Disney Day

Today was Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  

We ended up going to. Disney World today. Specifically Hollywood Studios. We had a lot of fun. They passed out carnations to all the moms at the entrance of the park. I thought that was really cool. We ended up doing quite a few of their attractions today starting with Toy Story Mania. The wait was only about 20 minutes!  I attribute it to nobody using fast passes first thing in the morning, but who knows. We ended our day with the Beauty and the Beast show. So much fun and think Abby and Michelle both had a great time. 

2 Classes Done!

Michelle just finished her semester of PhD school!  Last assignment done and I get my wife back….. for a week. Then she starts summer classes again­čś×. Oh well. I think I will enjoy it while I can. 

On the other side of life, I spent a good afternoon with Abby riding bikes and taking her to the playground. I think Abby and Mommy (finishing up her last paper) both enjoyed it.