Victoria and Butchart Gardens

Yesterday we explored Victoria and Butchart Gardens on our way to Vancouver. Both are located on Vancouver Island. There is much more to do on the island and we only got a preview.

Victoria is a historical city with lots of old buildings. Our hotel was about a block away from the parliament building. This building was very impressive.

The next stop was Butchart Gardens. We stoped on a whim, but it was so worth it. The place was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend the sunken gardens. The view is one of the most breathtaking things you will ever see. A photo simply doesn’t do it justice.

They also had a carousel that was really cool. Abby had to take a ride. The carousel itself was very well crafted. Each of the animals had its own unique details. It was so much more impressive than the theme park carousels back in Florida.

They also had gelato. We had to have some and we are glad we did!

Here are some other photos.