Hawaii Vacation – Day 4

Happy birthday Abby!

June 10 was Abby’s birthday. We spent the morning relaxing in our room watching TVs and such waiting for our Catamaran adventure. 

Our catamaran boat ride was so much fun. We saw lots of dolphins while we were out including a pod of bottlenose dolphins and a pod of spinner dolphins. One of the dolphins hooked himself on the front of the boat and just rode there for a while. Very cool. Later we went snorkeling. Michelle got to see more because she had contacts, but I was able to stay in the water longer. There were lots of fish and we saw a green sea turtle. After we got back on the boat, one of the guys came up with a live octopus!  

After we got back to the resort, we were able to celebrate Abby’s birthday with a cupcake. 

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