Abby Swimming

Over the last few week, I have been working with Abby on swimming.  When we took our trip to Hawaii, we realized pretty quick how much Abby needs to learn to swim.  Basically everything we did on that trip involved water of some kind!  In the weeks since that trip, Abby and I have gone to the pool at least one time each weekend to work on swimming skills.  It's really cool to see how much Abby has taken to it in just a few weeks time.  When we first started, she wasn't confident holding her breath or even doing basic swimming.  Since then, she has started using her swimming motions much more and is even using diving rings.  She has a long way to go before being able to swim the pool on her own, but for now we have been leaving the life jacket at home and just using the kick board as her only flotation device.  I'm really excited to see how she is doing in another 6 weeks or so!!  

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